SEACOM is a TEAMSOS-created and managed solution that empowers CA Lifeguards to save more lives.

Over 60 million people visit California State Parks each year, and CA Lifeguards perform over 12,000 annual water rescues annually. SEACOM allows reliable emergency communications between Lifeguard towers and other Law Enforcement entities, which in turn empowers them to save more lives.

State of California Lifeguards deployed a Cloud communication and Computer Aided Dispatch system statewide, which is available to all lifesaving agencies in the United States.


  • Advanced Cloud based communication system
  • Computer Aided Dispatch – Real-time tracking of incidents and activities 
  • Low Monthly cost (No Capital investment)
  • Onsite support and maintenance
  • Dedicated helpdesk support
  • Solar Powered
  • Highly available 
  • Designed for Marine environments
  • Public announcement paging
  • Annual Roll-On Installation & Implementation Services (including winterizing equipment)


SEACOM is a fully managed communications solution with every aspect supported by TEAMSOS.  SEACOM is the first 100% cloud-based & managed solution of its kind, delivered for a fixed, monthly investment that can be fully budgeted for, with no hidden costs.



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