TEAMSOS is a company committed to making a positive impact on the world. We enjoy working with clients that not only will benefit from our core solutions but are in alignment with our core values, and have a similar commitment of making a difference in the world.

TEAMSOS invests a portion of profits into our community.


TeamSOS has supported Big Brothers Big Sisters in many ways over a decade. Since 2006 we have made a big fundraising impact in Bowl for Kids’ Sake, an annual fundraiser that involves our teammates, clients and vendors. For more information in participating please contact us at Since 2012 we have sponsored Big Brothers Big Sisters at Speedway motorcycle racing; the “Big Brothers” and their “Little Brothers” get free passes to the races, get to meet the professional racers, and received autographed memorabilia. Through organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters we will positively affect our current and future generations. Investing our time and resources into organizations that help kids grow up to be strong and healthy contributors is the best way to effect long term positive growth in our world.