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WaveStreet Streamlines Communications for Global Provider of High Performance Printing & Coating Equipment

When you’re a global company that has been around for 70 years — you need the best telecom capabilities you can get for anywhere, anytime, on any device. – Jim Brown, IT Specialist

Jim Brown, I.T. Specialist with Harris and Bruno was working with Brian McDermott, Advanced Communications Consultant with TEAMSOS on a network upgrade. During this process, it was identified that the support to their existing premise based phone system was essentially end-of-life. After reviewing options with the team at Harris and Bruno, it was recommended that they move their communications to the Cloud. Since they had already chosen to standardize the network with Meraki Advanced firewall and switches, it just made sense to mirror this initiative with the phone solution as well.

Upgrading the network infrastructure was already a priority, then suddenly the phone system went out…

First it was the voicemail system that started to give way. “We literally had to use a low end solution for voicemail as a temporary solution” says Jim Brown, IT Specialist. “…then the main profile to our premise based phone system went out and we were unable to change our Auto-Attendant.” Brian quickly rallied his Engineering and Support Teams to work in tandem with WaveStreet on an immediate solution. Within 24-hours a plan was set in place to migrate them over to the Wavestreet Cloud PBX. “With a lot going on within the company, we need a good communications service that is reliable and secure. We wanted to streamline our communications, so we could spend less on overhead and more on clients.”

Cutting Costs While Improving Client Services

Before choosing WaveStreet, Harris & Bruno Int’l used an on-premise PBX to manage their call flow. This solution became difficult to maintain and certain features such as voicemail started to break down. The organization also had a need for better call routing, mobile capabilities and extension dialing between multiple sites. Jim Brown saw WaveStreet as a possible win on all fronts.

“If you’re looking to greatly improve communications while saving precious time in self-maintaining the system, WaveStreet is an easy way to do it,” he says. “You get better phone service at a lower rate, and you get new and updated apps and new features that work with the phones and computers that you already have. For example, we really like how we’re able to use our existing phone handsets seamlessly with WaveStreet’s Cloud PBX solution.”


Harris and Bruno International

Machinery solutions for the printing and coating industries

Headquartered in Roseville, CA with additional office in Rocklin, CA


WaveStreet Products:
Cloud PBX with 40+ extensions

Favorite WaveStreet Features:
Voicemail-to-Email, Extension Dialing between multiple sites, and Mobile Apps for Telecommuters

Solutions Replaced:
Aging on-premise PBX and expensive long-distance charges

Primary reason WaveStreet was chosen:
Greater functionality, device flexibility, easy administration