Cloud-Based – Reduce costs and harness today’s innovation

Reduce business expenses, improve employee productivity, and increase uptime, with cloud-based phone systems, call centers and software applications. With affordable solutions for all organization sizes—small, mid-range & enterprise-level—business benefits include:

Savings is a must these days. With cloud-based solutions, businesses can leverage advanced technology and carrier routing to reduce monthly hard costs by 20-60%. Plus, a low fixed monthly charge offers predictability.

Support and Maintenance costs are no longer an issue. You’re not responsible for any system-related equipment, other than phones. Don’t worry about maintenance contracts, replacing/expanding equipment, etc. Solutions sizing can grow with you over time.

Feature Enhancements are endless. User-friendly and highly relevant applications are icing on the cloud-based cake. Users can modify their own ringtones, voicemail, forwarding, and answering settings. Features are easily changed and added. You don’t need to be a super tech to make these changes.

Increased uptime means more time for your employees to focus on the business-at-hand and more time for IT to tend to other user needs. With TEAMSOS’s Advanced Data Center as the backbone, cloud-based phone systems improve reliability of your most mission critical systems.

Take your pick! Today’s solution can range from a comprehensive technology infrastructure, including phone, email, call center, data storage, software applications, disaster recovery power backup… even HVAC.


  • Unified Communications
  • Contact Center
  • Email
  • Total Office
  • Disaster Recovery


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