Carrier Services

Telephone, Internet, Cloud… Oh My!

The most comprehensive business technology solution begins with the right connectivity. Reliable carrier services (aka: “circuits”) are a critical component to the success of any system. TEAMSOS understands the intricacies involved with the carrier industry. We have experience working with many of the top leading vendors, including Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Windstream, Global Crossing, and many more.

Reduce Hard Costs by 30-60%

Yes you need internet connectivity… Yes you need telephone circuits. But what many companies don’t realize, is there are extraordinary cost savings options, if you have the right partner to help navigate the way.

Are you facing any of these challenges?

  • We need to move forward with an IT project, but can’t afford it now
  • We need to ensure failover across multiple locations
  • We need to confirm our critical data & tools will be available, should a disaster strike
  • We need more bandwidth for video conferencing, mobility, advanced collaboration, etc.

TEAMSOS has a long-standing partnership with Infinium Communications, a vendor-neutral unbiased carrier broker, HQ in Loomis, CA. Together, TEAMSOS & Infinium Communications:

Enable IT project funding through immediate hard cost savings.

Eliminate cut over challenges with seamless coordination of circuit dates with project go live, optimize carrier service with new communications system deployment, less hassle contacting the carrier; Infinium can handle your moves, adds, changes for you!

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