ETC Event 2-25-17

Team SOS Booth

From a trade show TeamSOS participated on February 25 2017.

The event was the Stanislaus County Office of Education’s “ETC!” conference.

Mobilize the Power of Collaboration with TEAMSOS and Cisco

Group of young business people talking in a office building

Today’s business technology solutions are amazing. An optimized technology solution can integrate capabilities of voice, video, conferencing, content sharing, instant messaging, and presence support collaboration at any time, from any device, from the browser to the boardroom.

However, to reach this level of functionality, your technology solution has to be deployed properly—not just technically—but in a way that moves your business forward. Ultimately, how your technology solution is implemented is critical to the success of achieving your intended business objectives.

Join us on May 7th as we share the top tricks and tips for successfully deploying a Unified Communications solution on any device, anywhere. Plus we’ll treat you to some delicious food truck eats, and Cisco will discuss how their Collaboration solutions can boost productivity by:

• Unifying voice, video and messaging on any device, any where
• Integrating web conferencing with ANY standards-based room video system
• Bringing new, cost effective endpoints to more users

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Thunder Valley Casino

Thunder Valley Logo

Big IT Win for Thunder Valley Casino Resort

SOS team and Cisco technology deliver upgrade in half the time and 30 percent under budget.

Thunder Valley Casino Resort‘s IT team intimately knows the risks and rewards of gambling when it comes to gaming. However, when it came to a recent infrastructure upgrade, IT management chose the right team and technology to reduce risk and increase reward. Thanks to the Cisco UCS B230 M1 server technology and the engineering expertise of Team SOS, Thunder Valley Casino Resort is providing an even higher level of performance for its guests while optimizing IT resources.

Kodiak Roofing & Waterproofing

Kodiak Logo


Kodiak Roofing saves 20% on annual IT with SOS’s Managed Services

“Unless you have an experienced locally-based managed services provider like SOS working proactively on your IT, small problems pile up and will eventually bring the network down. In my mind, the issue is whether or not you want a ticking time bomb.”

– Matt Ludlow, Special Projects Manager, Kodiak

Cost-U-Less Insurance

Costuless Logo


New phone system puts Cost-U-Less in the fast lane for helping auto insurance customers

“The second our phone system went live, our sales went through the roof. The hold times went down from about 5 minutes to less than 30 seconds. We were able to manage the calls because we could now see what was going on, and we get alerts at critical levels….The folks over at SOS are probably the best vendor I have ever worked with in terms of the actual installation and their engineering expertise. The staff they assigned and the rollout of the system were flawless.”

— Chris Ewing, CEO, Cost-U-Less Insurance