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TEAMSOS Provides Managed I.T. Services to A.B. Tools, Inc. helping them become more productive and efficient.

“TEAMSOS has come in and helped us build a new server rack, put it in a secure room with proper air ventilation, assisted
us with our phone and Internet Services and Manages all of our I.T. 24 x 7 x 365.” – Jon Baker, President of A.B. Tools, Inc.

Jon Baker, President of A.B. Tools, Inc. was on vacation and received a call that his I.T. Manager would be leaving the company soon. There were I.T. projects to complete, the new servers sat outside the new server rack and were not in a proper, safe and secure room. John was faced with the decision of whether to try to hire another full time I.T. person or reach out to a company like TEAMSOS that manages, monitors and takes care of their customer’s networks. Jon chose TEAMSOS as it made more financial sense and he knew they would be taking care of his network 24 x 7 x 365 while also doing patch management, upgrades and assisting with other day to day I.T. needs like ordering new desktops, rugged laptops or equipment needed to support the quality machining that A.B. Tools, Inc. has come to be known for.

A.B. Tools, Inc. was started in 1977 by founder, owner, Alan Baker (A.B.). who ran this part time while working for FMC. Alan did that for about 1 year when he left FMC and began running AB Tools full time. A.B. had already been in the industry wearing several different hats for about 25 years prior to starting AB Tools. Alan hired his youngest son Jon in1979, who still works here and now runs the business.

In the early years, they used to make a much more broad variety of cutting tools and accessories. A.B. Tools, Inc. now primarily make rotary shank cutting tools that are either carbide tipped, indexable, or solid carbide.

They also make other accessories, all used in CNC and manual milling machines to machine parts of many various part materials. A.B. Tools, Inc. has grown through the years and more recently begun procuring more sophisticated CNC equipment. They manufacture special cutting tools to the customer’s needs quickly!

A.B. Tools, Inc. former Information Technology Manager left in the fall of 2016 and that’s when TEAMSOS stepped in.
TEAMSOS has totally updated our IT, network, firewalls, and components, making our little manufacturing business about as secure as possible. TEAMSOS is fast to respond with any needs, whether support, changes, or actual small crises. TEAMSOS is always a pleasure to work with. – Jon Baker, President of A.B. Tools, Inc.


A.B. Tools, Inc.

Custom Machined Parts and Accessories

Headquartered in Lincoln, CA


TEAMSOS Products and Solutions offered:
24 x 7x 365 Managed I.T. Services, Help Desk, Servers, Switches, Routers, Firewalls, Desktops and Laptops.

Favorite TEAMSOS Feature:
How fast they respond to our needs, sometimes even solving problems before we are aware of them.

Reason TEAMSOS was chosen:
They were referred by another customer. We stabilized their network and increased overall productivity.