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10/1/2010 | Newsletters
Newsletter: Issue 30b - Article 1
ACCELERATE BUSINESS: e-meetings save time and money

ACCELERATE BUSINESS: e-meetings save time & money
PLANNING AHEAD: Can your company weather the storm?
DRUM ROLL: SOS announces new website!
PRODUCT OF THE YEAR: Interactive Intelligence
AWARDS: SOS earns high praise, locally & nationally
ACCELERATE BUSINESS: e-meetings save time & money
We all know how important meetings are to business: meetings help us collaborate on important topics, align on objectives and engage with our coworkers, customers and partners. But meeting face-to-face is costly, both in time and money. Travel costs are higher than ever before and we all have more to get done than there are hours in the day -- We could all use a little extra help.

Save money
Adding a conferencing solution to your technology environment can save your organization time and money. With on-demand or on-premises options, SOS consults with you to determine the best collaboration tool for your company. You can achieve ROI within months and accomplish more in less time.

SOS can reduce your conferencing expenses, and help boost your collaboration efforts to become even more efficient. By assessing your current conferencing costs, we uncover expenses you can eliminate through the use of a collaborative conferencing tool.
Request a no-charge Conferencing Assessment.

WebEx Now Available with SOS
WebEx, an on-demand web-based software option, requires no significant up-front costs, no servers to maintain, and no software to install or support. Live Conference runs off an existing Interactive Intelligence telephony solution with minimal implementation costs. Both collaborative tools are helping millions of people meet online with the click of a button.

    You've got to start meeting like this:
      »  Conduct interactive Web meetings
      »  Make online sales presentations
      »  Deliver online training
      »  Provide real-time remote support
      »  Broadcast Webinars and online events
      »  File sharing, instant messaging and more

With a web browser and a telephone, you can start using WebEx today. Take a tour now or sign up for a free trial.
"Collaboration will transform the way people do business."
-Gia McNutt, technology expert since 1992
"Unified Communications is so much more than voice over IP, call processing, and toll bypass. It’s a powerful platform empowering "collaboration"; enabling internal and external face-to-face meetings – over the network. Collaboration not only reduces hard costs associated with travel (lodging, mileage, and time wasted in transit), it accelerates sales. It brings the face-to-face rapport-building aspects of an in-person meeting together with the convenience of conference calls. You can visually share and edit files, instant message during meetings and poll your participants right from your desk. You can even streamline technical support using WebEx -- take control of your user's desktop while supporting them over WebEx. This has been proven to cut minutes off each technical support interaction, saving time and money.

The use of collaboration will transform the way people do business today. It will create competitive advantages for businesses that adopt this innovative technology -- from more tightly linked supply chain management, to a better customer experience. We’ve had an incredible paradigm shift in the past decade with the advent of the Internet. Now various new ways of interacting built on the Web have come into existence: social networking, like LinkedIn and Facebook to name a few. These social/consumer-oriented tools are blending into the business world, blurring the lines of business and personal. Many of us believe that the next wave of innovation will completely eclipse the Internet itself. The way we all work, and live, is becoming more integrated and leveraging new ways of interacting. Welcome to Web 2.0!"
       - Gia McNutt, CEO of SOS. Email Gia.

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Published by Gia McNutt, SOS
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